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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Farkles – Navigation

Since I get lost easily, and like just driving around and knowing that I can easily find my way back, I wanted to get a GPS unit for my GS. The Garmin Zumo 660 seemed to have the features that I wanted, and was lower priced (relatively) than the Zumo 665, so that is what … Continue reading »

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Farkles – Comfort and Protection

Farkles are crap that you add to an otherwise capable motorcycle to make it “better”. A good definition is found at the Adventure Rider website. With a limited working knowledge of this type of riding and this type of motorcycle, trying to decide which items I can get to make things “better” has been difficult. … Continue reading »

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KLR Pictures

Here are some pictures of my 2006 KLR650 that I sold.

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