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Posted by on March 16, 2011
Garmin Zumo 660 GPS

Garmin Zumo 660 GPS

Since I get lost easily, and like just driving around and knowing that I can easily find my way back, I wanted to get a GPS unit for my GS. The Garmin Zumo 660 seemed to have the features that I wanted, and was lower priced (relatively) than the Zumo 665, so that is what I chose.






Garmin Zumo 660 locking mount

Touratech Locking GPS mount



Since the decision on the GPS unit was made, I needed a place to mount it on the bike. The Garmin 660 comes with lots of different mounting options with it, but I wanted the increased feeling of security that a lockable mount can provide, so I opted for the Touratech Locking Handlebar mount.




GPS Mounting Bracket

GPS Mounting Bracket

I didn’t want the GPS unit to block my view of any of the instrumentation, so I also bought a GPS mounting bracket from Touratech. This keeps the GPS up out of the way, but keeps in in an easily visible location.

Installation was fairly easy, just remove 4 screws from the factory windshield mounting bracket, add the GPS mounting bracket, and replace the 4 screws that you removed with the ones that come with the bracket. Seemed simple in the directions, but getting the 4 screws in and out with the limited space was a bit more difficult than it sounded. I ended up removing the windshield and the instrument console to make it easier, but that probably wasn’t necessary. The lockable mounting bracket just clamps on this bar, after you install the plastic mounting cradle that comes with the GPS unit on it. A little tweaking and adjusting was necessary here to make sure the key was able to be removed from the lock, if things are a little twisted the key will bind and not be removable, but again, not a big deal to figure out. Overall, I’m really happy so far with the way this turned out. I still have to connect up the power and route the output cabling from the GPS unit, but I’ll cover that in a later posting.

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