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Day 2 Collinsville, IL to Miami, OK

Posted by on July 25, 2011

4 states in one day! Whew.

We got an earlier start today, leaving the hotel around 8:30 to try to avoid some of the heat. It didn’t work. It was already 87 degrees, and quickly rose to the mid-90’s before we reached one of our stops, Meramec Caverns.

It’s a tourist trap thats been in operation since the 30’s, and it of course features an amazing cave! We took an 80 minute walking tour and really enjoyed the cool cave temperatures. The size of many of the rooms and formations are pretty amazing. If you are ever in the area I would recommend taking the time to check it out.

Route 66 in Missouri seems to be the interstate now, so we did a lot of blazing down the road riding and rolled up some miles.we stopped for lunch at a combo restaurant/gas station/gift shop called Cookin’ From Scratch in Doolittle, Missouri. It’s the home of the ‘King of the road’ challenge which involves a 66oz burger, some fries, and 66 minutes. It looked like 3 people had actually completed it, but neither of us was brave (or foolish) enough to try it. I had an excellent ‘ Big Pig’ sandwich on the waitresses recommendation and it was really good.

After lunch it was more fast riding in the heat, which was now consistently topping 100 degrees, with our highest observed temperature 104. We’ve decided to call it good if we see the same reading on both of our GS’s, and they’ve been within 1 degree of each other the entire time. Same with the range indication display, which is a reported issue on some of the earlier model year R1200GS bikes.

Since route 66 runs through Joplin, we decided to follow it through there and see what we could see of the damage there. It wasn’t far off of route 66 where the devastated area is. They use that word a lot in the news but that is what it is. We were riding along and things were looking pretty normal when all of the sudden we came up where it happened. Everything was just gone. And it just kept going. I felt a little ghoulish about seeking out the area but I’m glad that I did see it, just because it made me think about how fast everything can change.

Once we cleared Joplin the road changed into the Route 66 that I’d pictures in my head before the trip. A nice 2 lane road with some turns and the occasional little town. That pretty much sums it up through Kansas. All of the maybe 20 miles of it.

Once out of Kansas and into Oklahoma, we made our made-up-along-the-way goal of hitting the 4 states in one day so we started looking for somewhere to stay. We hit Miami,OK and stopped for the night at the Hampton Inn, hit the pool, ordered pizza in.

Had another problem with the go pro movie project. Part way through the day the camera reported that the memory card was full even though i’d deleted the content from it. I guess I didn’t empty the trash before ejecting or something, it seemed to work tonight when I tried it. I formatted the card in the GoPro so I know it will be ok tomorrow.the card that I put in when the first card filled up isn’t recognized by the card reader in the eeepc that I have, but is by the MacBook air. Very strange.

Total miles traveled: 650ish (didn’t check before I came in, too damn hot)
Top temperature: 104

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