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Continental Divide Ride – Day 4

Posted by on August 31, 2011




It’s actually my 4th day on the divide ride today. It’s been several weeks since my day 1 update since on days 2 and 3 we had no cell service where we camped. I’m just going to fill out day 4, and fill out days 2 and 3 later.

So, day 4. Actually, day 3.5. After leaving my first attempt at making this ride and leaving my motorcycle in Denver, yesterday I flew to Denver, picked up my bike, and rode it to Marshall Pass, where I met up with the current tour group. I got from Denver to Marshall Pass by following US 285, which, for just being a regular old highway, really had some pretty amazing scenery along it! I followed my backtrack from when I’d left and had no problem finding the campsite, so all my worrying about it was needless.

After arriving and getting my campsite set up, the tour group arrived, I introduced myself around a bit, dinner was served and we sat around the campfire for a bit before bed. After I went to bed I felt sick, just as I had in a previous update that I haven’t written yet. I’m not sure if it’s the altitude or not, but last time it was just the one time, so I’m hopeful this will have a similar outcome. So, as a result, I didn’t get much sleep. It also rained a bit, which is always nice when tent camping. There was some pretty cool wind gusts right before the rain came, I heard 3 distinct gusts blowing through the trees above our campsite before it made it to the tent. It was strong enough to make me worried about my lack of staking down the tent, but nothing happened.

So finally, day 4 ride report! We got up, packed away all the wet gear, had some breakfast, had our rider meeting, and hit the road! Our route took us down the mountain the opposite way I’d come in the day before, and we rode a good bit of the 285. Todays ride was through 3 different passes; Marshall Pass, Boreas Pass, and Rabbit Ears Pass.  We also rode through Breckenridge, which looked like it would been a great place to spend more time.

It was pretty easy riding today, with a couple of more challenging boulder (?) sections to keep it interesting. We’ve stopped for the night at the Rabbit Ears motel in Steamboat Springs. I took some pictures with my cell phone, most of which didn’t come out because I messed up the settings, but hopefully I can fix them later. I’ll also have to fix the post display so they look nice, but this time I only brought my phone to save some space.

Total miles travelled by motorcycle to this point: 2612

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