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Continental Divide Ride Day 7 – Moran, Wyoming to Middle of Nowhere, Montana

Posted by on September 4, 2011





We did the usual wake up, coffee, pack, eat breakfast and riders meeting thing. It was going to be a 3-state day!

The day started with a quick road ride to Grand Teton National Park. The park really had some amazing scenery, but was a little obscured by some haze caused by some nearby wildfires.

Today the riding was dusty. REALLY dusty. We really spread out the space between everyone today to try to maintain some visibility. It looked neat to see a huge dust cloud following the riders off in the distance ahead our behind.

We stopped for lunch next to Warm Water Creek which had a small deck over a stream filed with trout.  There were so many that any food that you tossed into the water was gone in seconds. It was pretty neat to watch the fish as they just held their place in the fast moving water, then moved to the food and went right back where they were.

We crossed into Idaho for a bit, then moved into Montana.

We ran through a  long stretch of really deep gravel that was a lot like riding in sand. I was definitely glad for my training in this section!

We set up camp somewhere in Montana, but iI’m not really sure where! The video crew was trying to get some footage for the beer commercial that they were shooting. I guess the beer was warm, which caused some foaming issues (beer out the nose) for someone, and people were just being generally funny during the attempts to get some “testimonial” footage around the campfire. I hope some of that footage makes it to an outtake reel if out doesn’t make the DVD.

Total miles: 3266

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