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Continental Divide Ride Day 5 – Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Atlantic City, Wyoming

Posted by on September 2, 2011



Day 5 sounded good. A plan had been made the day before, we were to meet an “interesting individual” somewhere and he was going to show us a cool route. We just had to get there, which, unfortunately, most of us didn’t.

Our ride started with the now normal short highway ride to the trail, followed by our first dirt segment of the day. It was a pretty nice gravel road, but it was really loose gravel with some tight turns. One of the guys in the group got a little too wide on one of them, dropped off a pretty high shoulder, had it almost saved except for a bush that caught the bike and tossed him off. A broken collarbone and about an hour and a half later we continued on, down one fellow rider. Unfortunately, the mishaps weren’t done, and the second one happened fairly quickly after the first. Another tricky corner, too much speed and a tree resulted in a smashed up GS, but the rider was ok, just a little scraped up. 2 hours or so later, some JB Weld, and the bike fired right up, looking a bit worse for it. The mirrors were gone, the black plastic gas tank shield, the stainless guard were all messed up, and the valve cover was broken with about 4 small pieces that were glued back in with the JB Weld. Our guide Keith got to ride it out with pretty bent up handlebars, but it seemed to do ok.

Because of the time and incidents it was decided that the entire group would never make it to the rendezvous, so a lottery was quickly held among those interested in making the high speed trip to make it there, while the rest of us made a long highway trek to our lodging for the night. We still saw some pretty amazing scenery though! After a long, windy trip we made it to the bed and breakfast we were staying at, the Miner’s Delight Inn. What a cool place! There were 6 or so small cabins and some rooms in the main house, but not enough beds for everyone. After another lottery, I was a lucky winner of a cabin! No tent for me! The place had a nice bar with an extensive collection of single-malt scotch whiskys, which I didn’t try since I know nothing about them, and some were quite expensive. It also had a really nice old piano, with which John, the guide we were supposed to meet up with, played amazingly! I stayed up way too long listening to him play and got to talk to him a bit during dinner. Really cool guy, and a great end to what was a disappointing day otherwise.

Total miles:  2918
Cool piano-playing guides met: 1

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